Curated Journeys With You In Mind

Ready to embark on a journey and not worry about the small components of a trip? Whether you want to lounge at the pool, trek through the jungles, or explore quaint towns, you’ve come to the right adviser! Globetrotting Vacations provides all-inclusive packages to the most extravagant destinations.


Group Trips
Planning a trip for yourself takes precious time out of your busy schedule as is, but traveling with a group can be exhausting. Diverse temperaments, varying budgets and multitude of options can make the process frustrating and stressful. At Globetrotting Vacations, we take the stress off of you, so you can focus on the easy aspects of the trip.


Do you like the idea of unpacking once while having the ability of visiting many countries on one trip? A cruise might be the answer to your dreams. Onboard a cruise ship, your trip is stress-free. Dining, relaxation, entertainment, fitness and spa are all in one place. Let Globetrotting Vacations plan your next getaway on a floating, relaxing trip at sea.



Your wedding is one of the most stressful parts of your life. So why not let Globetrotting Vacations remove the stress of planning a romantic vacation for you and your spouse. Start your life together with a beautifully planned trip that fulfills both of your preferences and ignites your romance. Globetrotting
Vacations will plan all the details so all you have to do is relish in the moments you will remember forever.



Have you seen everything in the world and need an exotic, off the beaten path experience? Or have you hardly traveled and feel the desire to experience the unknown? Globetrotting Vacations can create unique journeys to the remote destinations you only see in magazines.