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Grand Canyon

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Driving through the Arizona prairie dotted with Indian reservations, the excitement builds with each mile driven to see the majestic, colorful canyon. Once your eyes land on this gigantic marvel, it takes a second or two for your brain to realize the beauty you are viewing.


When I cast my eyes upon the hues of red and orange colors, my senses were overwhelmed by the sheer size, beauty and complete silence of my experience. I can describe the colors, the billowy cloud shadows on the cliffs and the indescribable emotions I felt upon viewing it. But, until you visit this magnificent canyon, you will never fully understand the impact it will have on you until you see it for yourself.

I stayed on the South Rim in the town of Tusayan, Arizona, a short drive to the park. I did this trip a bit different from other travelers as I visited in December a couple of days before Christmas. I stayed for one night at The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon - a three diamond hotel (the only one in the region) that is within close driving distance to the entrance. As beautiful and serene my visit was during the winter, there are some pros and cons to visiting the canyon during this time of the year.


- An infinity amount of photo opportunities without the obtrusive tourists getting in the way.

- There are ample amounts of parking spots and you basically have the park to yourself.

- The hotel pricing is better on your wallet.


- The weather is quite cold during the winter season. The first day I visited, the winds were blowing viciously off the cliffs. The temperature was a shivering 18 degrees F (-8 C).

- The stores or shops that are open, have limited working hours.

- The hotel pricing might be better, but most hotels might be closed for winter, so the choices are slim.

- The North Rim is closed due to snow; however, it's visited by only 10% of visitors.

Whether you visit in the summer peak season or during the winter, the view doesn't disappoint and you will be happy you visited this American, iconic destination.

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